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eNitiatives IP

Founded in 1999 with an aim to help startup companies develop and secure their Intellectual Property (IP) rights. With a team of experienced and innovative professionals, eNitiatives IP is the go-to source for developing and managing the IP assets of startup companies.

About Us


eNitiatives IP was founded by Reuven Marko, a veteran of the Silicon Valley and Israeli startup scenes, as well as being himself an entrepreneur. Reuven noticed that the process of turning unique know how into valuable, tangible assets wasn’t being given the attention it deserved.

The patent process is not a one-size-fits-all, and startups required a different outlook than enterprise giants, which most firms service. That’s why at eNitiatives IP we took a conscious decision to work exclusively with startups. Through our own personal experience, we know what it takes from you to succeed, and we are here to help you on your journey. Like you, we are entrepreneurs.

Our partners didn’t just sit on the sidelines of deals. We personally raised funds. We developed products. We did business development, sales, and marketing. We know what it’s like to be in your shoes, because we were there. It’s that sort of deep, intimate insight which allows us to provide you with a service unmatched.



We assist startups of all stages to build strong, comprehensive and strategic Intellectual Property (IP) Portfolios, with an aim of increasing valuation while reducing dramatically the time inventors are required to spend on development of IP.

Our work has direct positive affect on M&As and IPOs. We have worked exclusively with startups for over 20 years, and bring a unique offering to the table which no other firm can match.

​We offer a range of services tailored to meet your specific needs in the fields of patents, trademarks, and copyrights. From conducting thorough searches and drafting applications to providing strategic advice and managing prosecution, we are committed to maximizing the value and protection of your intellectual assets.

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Successful Exists


Image by John Thomas

Acquired by Limelight Networks (undisclosed)

IPO at $6.8B logo

Acquired by Vitec for $55M


Acquired by VMWare® (undisclosed)

b-hive logo

Acquired by CA Technologies (undisclosed)

BlazeMeter logo

Acquired by Broadcom® for $230M

broadlight logo
cloud endure logo
Dome9 logo

Acquired by  Amazon for $200M

Acquired by Check Point for $175M


Acquired by Dell for $12M

Acquired by proofpoint™ for $55M

firelayers logo

Acquired by Time to Know (undisclosed)

forclass logo

Acquired by Microsoft® for $110M

gteko logo
Hexadite logo

Acquired by Microsoft® for $100M


IPO at over $400M valuation

Acquired by Mellanox Technologies® (undisclosed)

Acquired by Alcatel for $55M

Acquired by Transwitch Corp.®

Acquired by Facebook® for $150M

Acquired by Zoran® for $45M

Acquired by Direct Energy® for $60M

Acquired by Cisco® for $200M


Acquired by 

SKF (undisclosed)


Acquired by Red Hat® for $107M

Acquired by Oracle® for $500M


Acquired by  Palo Alto Networks (undisclosed)

Acquired by Qualcomm for $300M

Acquired by EMC® for $430M


Acquired by Valmont for $300M

Acquired by RF Micro Devices® for $47M

Acquired by Synopsys® (undisclosed)

Acquired by Juniper Networks® for $65.7M

Acquired by Warbug Pincus for $100M

Acquired by Brocade Communications Systems® for $7.8M

IPO at $215M

IPO at $270M

Technology licensed in 2017


Acquired by Google®


Logo_Skyline AI Logo.png

Acquired by JLL 



Acquired by Zscaler 



Acquired by Adri-El 


Acquired by Yahoo!® (undisclosed)

Acquired by

Palo Alto Networks
for $100M

Acquired by Apple® (undisclosed)

Acquired by ServiceNow for $50M

StreamRail acquired by IronSource (undisclosed)

Acquired by Innovid

Acquired by McGraw-Hill (undisclosed)


Acquired by Applied Materials (undisclosed)

Acquisition prices were published in various sources, actual numbers may be reflected differently | One or more of our team members enjoyed the fruits of these exists

Wevo - Logo.webp

Acquired by SolarEdge (undisclosed)

Meet The Team


Reuven Marko

Reuven Marko |


Reuven is an Israeli Patent Attorney. Reuven has over 40 years of experience of which over 30 years involve development of strategic intellectual property portfolios for both multi-national corporations and startup companies. His focus since the turn of the century is on startup companies specializing in making these portfolios a true asset to the company. Prior to that he was a successful hi-tech professional leading technical and marketing teams. He is listed as an inventor in more than 40 utility and design patents in multiple-technologies and has published a dozen different papers and articles. Reuven specializes in the fields of solid-state technologies, networking, software, CAD/EDA, storage systems, wireless communication, artificial intelligence and more, handling many hundreds of patent applications. A former officer in the Israeli Air Force, he holds a BSEE from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology and an MBA from the University of Phoenix.

Team Paddle

Tal Rosenthal |

Executive Director

Tal is an Israeli attorney specializing in intellectual property (IP) law. He helps craft efficient, custom tailored international IP strategies for our clients. Tal is a leading expert in international intellectual property, with a wealth of experience in his field. He has a proven track record of success in helping startups develop valuable IP portfolio and protect their IP rights, both domestically and internationally. Tal specializes in a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, with a deep understanding of the latest advancements that drive innovation. From software and artificial intelligence (AI) to telecommunications, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, mechanical systems, and more.


Sarah Dritz |

Technical Expert

Sarah is originally from the UK, where she earned a Masters Degree in Immunology from Imperial College London. She spent a number of years in medical research at the prestigious Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, Jerusalem, researching immuno-therapy for autoimmune diseases such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. She packs over 10 years of (IP) Intellectual Property law experience and has a wealth of knowledge relating to the filing and prosecution of international patents, trademarks and design applications, as well as the Israeli IP framework. She is currently in the process of becoming a registered Israeli Patent Attorney.


Dr. Limor Marko |

Medical Consultant

Dr. Marko is currently specializing as a pediatrician at Meir Medical Center. She is a graduate with honors of St George's, University of London Medical School. Her research experience includes pursuing a doctoral degree at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she authored several highly cited influential papers. Limor regularly provides advice on practical applications of medical devices, due diligence input, as well as providing insightful strategies for developing complex IP portfolios in the medical space.


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